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Leverage data for maximum results

Audience targeting is core to the Tubemetric platform. Through the marriage of disparate data sets and intelligent modeling, audience information is valuable and insights can be made actionable. The Tubemetric platform fuses multiple TV viewership data streams with first and third-party audience composition data to model and predict TV audiences.


Manage processes with automation

Automation is the glue that holds a programmatic TV sales operation together and allows a business to scale this new strategy. Automation bridges processes together to create a seamless end-to-end workflow from RFP to post and invoice. With automation, media owners are able to better manage operations and to act effectively on actionable data.


Our platform

Tubemetric’s platform empowers its television media partners with a number of tools to enhance their existing sales channels and to introduce new revenue sources. Running through the veins of the platform are two core programmatic tenets: workflow automation and data-driven decisioning.