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Having built a technology platform exclusively for television ad sales, Tubemetric has interests of media owners
at heart. As programmatic advertising moves towards television, media owners need a solution to prepare their inventory for these changes. We’re here to help you navigate these changes.

Automate systems and prepare for programmatic

The Tubemetric platform is an end-to-end solution with integration into existing inventory management and traffic and billing systems, providing a front-end programmatic gateway to manage any type of demand access.

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Let your inventory shine

With our suite of products, all of your inventory is in the spotlight. Leverage data to find new audiences and new viewership. Protect your inventory with custom business rules while increasing its value.

Your media, your rules

Media owners set all the business rules for every aspect of how their inventory is priced and sold – inventory selection and  transparency, buyer access, pricing floors, and creative approvals.

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